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The highly flexible 31Z is one of Putzmeister’s best kept secrets. The unique Z-Fold boom was the first five-section 100-foot boom on the market. It can be strategically positioned for precise concrete placement in unusual job sites just as easily as in typical applications. Rack and pinion slewing provides better weight distribution and greater reach with smooth rotation. Set up is quick even on tight job sites, and the low unfolding height and boom flexibility allow you to stay in one location until the job is finished.

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Putzmeister’s most popular truck-mounted boom pump size, the 38Z is specially engineered to extend your pumping season. With the flexibility of the Multi-Z boom and the reach to place concrete exactly where you want it, the 38Z also comes as a three-axle, frost-law-compliant unit. The tag axle is easily removed when it’s not needed. Compact outriggers give you quick setup in tight locations. This is the only four-section, 121-foot 9-inch Multi-Z boom on the market with X-style outriggers.

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Putzmeister’s innovative 38Z-5-Meter features a completely brand new design for its five-section boom arm and pedestal for increased maneuverability, a reduced boom unfolding height, reduced overall weight, and a more user-friendly design. With the easy addition of a tag axle, the unit becomes frost-law-compliant to meet your job site needs year-round.

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Enjoy long reach with smart design. Congested job sites are no match for the maneuverable 47Z. The five-section Z-Fold boom maneuvers in, over and around obstacles for efficient concrete placement in difficult to reach places, yet still provides vertical reach of 151 feet 3 inches and 138 feet 1 inch of horizontal reach. The well-designed Putzmeister boom gives you smooth concrete flow while the smallest front outrigger footprint of all models in its class gets you to places others can’t go.

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Putzmeister’s 58-Meter boom pump offers the One-Sided Support (OSS) outrigger system allowing the operator to reduce the outrigger extension on one side of the unit to create a smaller overall machine footprint. Combined with its lighter and more resilient 4-section roll-and-fold “smart design” boom engineered to adapt to different loads, the 58-Meter meets the needs of demanding job sites.

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Offering a 110’ horizontal reach, the TB 105 features a four-section boom and butterfly design outriggers with a manual swing-out and hydraulic up/down extension for quick and easy setup.

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