Description of the leveling process

  1. We first drill small approx. 1” holes thru the surface of the slabs to be leveled.
  2. Next we hydraulically pump lime or polyurethane thru these holes, filling any voids
    present below the slabs.
  3. We continue to pump in the areas that have settled, raising the slabs back
    to the proper height and matching them with adjacent slabs. The material will
    flow below the slab, filling voids during the leveling process. We stress complete
    void filling for a lasting repair.
  4. After leveling has been completed, a concrete mixture is used to patch the
    the drill holes flush with the surface. Patches may vary in color from the existing
    concrete. This color disparity will diminish with time.
  5. Final rinsing and clean up completes the process.

Helical Piering Certified

Along with the raising and stabilizing of concrete, we are certified in MacLean Dixie Helical piering systems.